Bodytrim From IGEA Life Sciences Examines The Adequacy Of Nutritional Supplements

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A nutritional supplement is just that—a supplement, and it is not designed in any way to replace a healthy diet. Dietary guidelines have outlined that your nutritional needs have to be met with proper diet. The Mayo Clinic even came out with a feature stating that supplements are not for everyone and emphasising that they cannot reproduce all the nutrients as well as benefits that whole foods deliver. The same sort of conclusion can be found on Bodytrim’s recommendation regarding vitamin supplements.

Bodytrim, an innovative weight loss system introduced by IGEA Life Sciences and developed by fitness, health, and nutrition experts, gave its own take on the use of nutritional supplements. Granted that there are certain people (e.g., vegans, those who consume less than 1,600 calories a day, or those who suffer from a medical condition that affects nutrient absorption in the body) who do need to take these supplements more than other people, the Bodytrim advice is for generally healthy people to stop mega dosing and start focusing on introducing more whole foods to meals.

Natural foods are much better sources for the vitamins and minerals that you need. You can get your essential fibre from whole grains and legumes. You can get your required micronutrients from fruits high in beta carotene and vegetables containing calcium. You can benefit from the naturally occurring protective substances from fruits and vegetables that fight cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases.

Meanwhile, mega dosing on vitamin supplements might not be as effective, and because excess vitamins tend to get flushed out of your system, it would be like you were basically flushing down some of your hard earned money. Nutritional supplements are not exactly cheap.

Instead of popping a pill to supplement your nutrition, the recommendation is to go for a nutritious, fibre-rich supplement shake, as the body absorbs it more than its pill counterpart. Remember, though, that the shake should only serve to complement your dietary needs and not replace it entirely. Incidentally, IGEA’s Bodytrim also developed a snack range, which comes with an all in one daily superfood and fibre diet boost called Nutra Shot. The drink is made with chia seeds, green tea, goji berry, pomegranate, and spirulina.

All in all, nutritional or vitamin supplements are not entirely unnecessary and they may even be required for people who do not eat enough healthy foods and have certain medical conditions. When you really need to take supplements, try not to mega dose by watching what you eat and knowing your required daily intake for vitamins and minerals.

IGEA Life Sciences Revolutionises Weight Loss With Bodytrim

Fitness gurus have spoken and they all claim that proper weight loss is not possible without being absolutely committed to exercise – all other methods may deliver results, but they are not exactly the healthy way of going about the process, and it’s bound to be difficult to maintain the weight. But science has always managed to prove a lot of solidly established principles wrong, and that is what IGEA Life Sciences did. With its team of health experts, the group discovered that proper weight loss can be achieved so much faster even without the amount of work that fitness trainers often require, and on top of this, maintenance is just so much easier.

The group came up with a weight loss program called Bodytrim that promises no calorie counting, no self-denial and no sweaty exercise. If you’ve always held on to the lessons of fitness experts, all these claims make weight loss seem impossible, huh? But no, it’s actually effective. This program is a different approach to weight loss because first of all, it recognises that the goal is not just a physical commitment. Secondly, it also recognises that the body is indeed a great and complex machine; it’s versatile and can be programmed to respond according to a particular stimulus.

Now, going back to the goal of weight loss, IGEA Life Sciences determined that weight loss and maintenance is more about the right selection of food instead of rigorous exercise routines. By making the right food choices, the body’s metabolic functioning works optimally well. This is such a refreshing concept because a lot of fitness programs these days promote food as the enemy to fear, but with the Bodytrim approach, it’s actually the strong ally.

The Bodytrim weight loss equation is this: the right foods, paired with moderate exercise such as walking, equals to 90% focused weight loss effort. It’s that simple, yet it’s effective because it emphasises the power of food in providing the right nutrients the body requires for balanced chemical make-up which is very important for weight loss and maintenance. Meanwhile, regular walking is like plugging in the machine to activate it; it’s a simple activity that brings the nutrients and body’s chemicals to life.

And lastly, what makes this program even more appealing is it does not require drastic changes; Bodytrim’s approach is to make weight loss and maintenance as natural as possible, and while there are changes to be done, they are very easy to commit and stick to. Because of all these,the success rate among users is higher.

Source: Igea Group is an Australia-based firm that promotes wellness and beauty.

Cutting-Edge Weight Loss System From IGEA Life Sciences Does More Than Just Trim The Fat

People invest a lot of time, energy, and money in order to lose the excess weight. From doing restrictive diets like calorie counting to making the most of a pricey gym membership, the quest for a sexier, slimmer body will produce different results. These results may not always be favourable or fast enough for some people. Is there a better way of losing the extra fat?

Sydney-based IGEA Group, a company that has developed a range of innovative health and wellness, beauty, and hair solutions, believes there is a better, more effective approach to weight loss. And that approach uses a scientific method that is designed to deliver not just a fast, but also a sustainable weight loss.

The company’s IGEA Life Sciences has introduced Bodytrim, a weight loss system,which has been developed by nutrition, health, and fitness experts,teaching people how to shed the excess pounds quickly, easily, and naturally. The Bodytrim package includes eight instructional and motivational DVDs, CDs, food diary, electronic pedometer, and over 150 nutritional and delectable recipes. The kit also entitles people to a free four-week online membership that gives them, among others, access to a nutritionist who can respond to questions about cravings or improving energy levels, online video cooking classes with hundreds of recipes, and weight loss success and results tracker.

The guiding principles behind IGEA’s weight loss system are backed by science. By helping people manage their eating frequency, to speed up their metabolism, weight loss is achieved without having to resort to meal replacements, pills, or shakes. Instead, people get to eat real food regularly, they get to reduce cravings for sugary, fattening food, and they don’t have to put their bodies through demanding workouts. Through Bodytrim’s step-by-step plan, health and fitness can be accomplished even with moderate exercises like taking frequent walks.

The weight loss system’s snack food range, which is low in carbohydrates, sugar, and fat but high in protein, provides the need for snacking — without the guilt.

In order to help those on IGEA’s weight loss program maintain their fitter and healthier bodies, a flexible weight maintenance plan, in three phases, will ensure the ideal pattern of eating is carried out for a lifetime.

Ultimately, this is not just your average weight loss product because IGEA does not merely focus on a person’s diet. By integrating a holistic approach and understanding the science of weight loss, IGEA’s weight loss system introduces an actual lifestyle that will not only trim the excess fat but also deliver better overall health and well being.

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